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First impression – “Warm On A Cold Night”

I have a soft spot for Bi Wen Jun since the drama “Sweet Tai Chi”. I think he has a very charming face, but his acting skills still need to be polished. He’s getting better with each drama, but he’s still far from a professional actor. I started watching the drama “Warm On a Cold Nigh” because of him. What was my surprise when I found out that this time Bi Wen Jun plays a strong (even wild) male character. His recent roles have been rather similar to each other – silent , cool and gentle type.. Bi Wen Jun was gifted by nature with a very soft voice, perfect for singing, but not for playing testosterone-charged men.To my relief (for the first time in my life) his character got a new voice – deep and masculine very fitting to the character.The dubbing finally came in handy for something.

What is the drama about?

Su Jier is a bright young girl who, like her uncle and late father, works as a criminal inspector in the Kingdom of Qian. She has suffered from a mysterious illness since she was a child, which causes her to faint frequently and feel cold all over her body. During his latest investigation, he meets Han Zheng, who comes from the Kingdom of Qi. His people are characterized by animal nature, sensitive senses, great strength and above-average body temperature. It turns out that when Su Jier touches Han Zhneg, her vitality returns, and she feels soothing warmth throughout her body. The girl decides to stay close to her new friend. As partners in the investigation, they try to solve the mystery of mysterious murders in the city that could destroy the peaceful arrangement between their disparate kingdoms.

The drama is light, interesting and likeable. The girl is smart and intelligent, although sometimes a bit naive. A good relationship develops between the two main characters. They argue a bit, but they care about each other and are aware that when they join forces, they will get to the truth faster. The romance develops very slowly in the background of the main events. Side characters such as the main character’s uncle, the playwright prince or the general also deserve attention. It’s not a great drama, but it’s fun to watch. The story focuses primarily on solving criminal puzzles, you can’t count on a fiery romance.

The drama has 36 episodes and I will definitely watch the whole thing.

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