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“Ever Night” – a great adventure story with a philosophical reflection

I’ve always been afraid to start dramas that have more than 30 episodes and have all episodes completed. When dramas are watched live, episodes are served weekly, there is no fear of losing yourself in the drama. This time it got me. I had been planning to watch the drama “Ever Nigh” for a long time, but these 60 episodes effectively held me back. I was tempted mainly because of the main role of Chen Feiyu, whom I like very much. I was not disappointed by anything.

What is this drama about?

A young boy, Ning Que, escapes the slaughter of his family and household as a child. While on the run, he finds a baby girl whom he names Sang Sang, and they have been inseparable ever since. Soon they join the troops defending the borders of the kingdom against bandits. Ning Que learns to fight and Sang Sang takes over all the household chores. However, there comes a time when they have to leave their home and set off for the capital, where there are many adventures to experience and many people to meet.

The beginning, which is about the first 10 episodes, is quite tiring because you have to meet a huge amount of new characters. Find out how the world is divided in this drama, who has what power, who belongs where. I think that’s enough to get to know everything and feel the atmosphere of the whole story. After 10 episodes, I’m completely lost. The story is interesting, the fight scenes are superbly shot, very dynamic and realistic, and the main character is simply wonderful. In addition, exceptionally talented actors, breathtaking locations where the drama was recorded and a beautiful ost.

You can see that Chen Feiyu was a very young actor (he was 17 at the time of filming), but I can’t imagine any other actor who could play Ning Que as well as him. He was born for this role. His hero is self-confident, one might even say quite arrogant, and that’s probably why most women find him irresistible. He’s a terrible flirt and rascal.

Once he gets the opportunity to cultivate, he turns out to be the weakest of all and has to put in a lot of work to achieve anything. Even though he is a very good and ruthless fighter, he is not the hero type. If necessary, without a shadow of embarrassment, he runs away when he knows that he has no chance of winning. Honor doesn’t count, he prefers to survive. He only risks his life to defend Sang Sang. There are no calculations here. Sang Sang is his life, although he doesn’t immediately realize how they feel about each other. His unusual bond with Sang Sang is unconventional. They are united by boundless trust, loyalty and devotion. It’s a soul connection.

There are many supporting characters in the drama. My favorites are the two original old guys – the talisman master (he’s hilarious) and Fu Zi along with all his students from the Academy. The talisman grandfather is a great cultivator, but also a walking trouble. I feel like it’s an older version of Ning Que, which is why they get along so well. Fu Zi, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful people in the world, an amazing thinker and philosopher. He always has something smart to say. Thanks to him, NQ pursued the goal on the right side of the road.

My favorite moments in the drama are when NQ spends time at the Academy with her 12 brothers and sisters. Everyone cared for him a lot, supported him in difficult times, advised him and worried about him. They have such a good, calm energy. They accepted him into their “family” and treated him as a rightful member.

“Ever Night” has an amazing adventure-philosophical atmosphere. I was very drawn to it. Even when nothing special was happening on the screen, I still couldn’t tear myself away from the screen. Halfway through the drama, I regretted that it only had 60 episodes. There is almost no romance here, but it’s perfect. No wonder this drama has so many fans. It’s a great story, worth every minute. Well, maybe except for the plot of Prince Long Qing, which in my opinion should end in the middle of the drama. Unfortunately, the continuation of the drama (second season) changed too many actors and I was unable to watch it. The story from the first part is really just the beginning of Ning Que’s great adventures and all I have to do is read the original novel someday.

Anyway, I recommend it to every fan of adventure and historical stories.

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