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First Impression – “The Science of Falling in Love”

This story has everything I don’t like about dramas: a childhood friend, a girl chasing after a boy, a pair of he-genius she-dumbass, and on top of that, a mean girl who makes life difficult for the main character. For me, it’s a ready recipe for a big NO on my drama list. But……the dramaland gods know better what I like. I started watching it because of the lead actress, whom I love since she played Qu Manting at the Arsenal Military Academy. I was sure that her type of beauty and low tone of voice would not allow her to play a young student. How wrong I was. It turns out that when she gets rid of her bangs and heavy makeup, and dresses her in shorts and sneakers, she looks 10 years younger.

What is this drama about?

Su Cheng Cheng is a first-year student. Instead of science, she only has romance on her mind. One day she falls in love at first sight with a boy who passed her on the street. At the first opportunity, she confesses to him that she has fallen in love with him. Without a moment’s hesitation, the boy invites her to join the laboratory group, of which he is also a member (as a PhD student) and persuades her to participate in an experiment on love. Cheng Cheng agrees, of course, but she has no idea what the consequences will be for her. Since then, her love life has been turned upside down.

I started this drama for her, but I liked the main male lead, Xiao Yuhe, more. Unfortunately, some of his behavior towards Su Cheng Cheng is extremely unpleasant, but when he smiles, I forget everything. Yes, I know, I’m easily appeased, but he’s such a lost teddy bear with a possessive mother on board that it’s hard not to feel a little sorry for him. The main actors have amazing chemistry, their looks and body language make it spark. Add to this well-chosen BGM and we get scenes that really squeeze the heart. The whole story is really simple and unoriginal, but it’s hard for me to tear myself away from it. There is also another couple with potential for romance, and I love them too. Especially Zhang Xi Xi. She seems to be such a cold and smart PhD student, but in fact she is very sensitive. And Gu Chen is just adorable beyond measure.

I’m halfway through and I’m looking forward to each new episode. I watch it mostly for pure enjoyment.

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