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First Impression – “Call It Love”

I started watching this drama mainly for the actors. I like Kim Young Kwang since the drama “D-Day” and Lee Sung Kyun since “Cheese In The Trap”. I was very curious about their duet, which seems to be perfect, especially in terms of visuals.

What is the drama about?

Sim Woo Joo lives in the family home with her two siblings. When she was a teenager, her life collapsed – her mother fell ill, and her father left for his mistress, as a consequence, the girl had to give up her beloved sport. Years later, Woo Joo learns of her father’s death and that he signed the house over to his second wife before he died, who tells them to move out immediately. Woo Joo decides to take revenge on the woman through her son, who runs a company that organizes fairs. Woo Joo gets a job at his company to get to know him and hit his weakest point. It turns out that Han Dong Jin is quite different from what the girl imagined. Both of them have been taking hits from other people for a long time and are unhappy in their current lives. This brings them closer, unfortunately against Woo Joo’s wishes.

I have a problem with this drama because it’s too depressing by my standards. It’s hard to look at Han Do Jin – a real picture of misery, who humbly accepts his unfortunate fate. The main pair of characters act like two hedgehogs that would like to sniff each other, but the spines prevent them from doing so. Woo Joo’s spines are prejudices against his mother, and Dong Jin’s fears of getting hurt. During their scenes together, you can feel some kind of tension and uncertainty between them. The actors played it brilliantly, because thanks to their expression, I can practically feel the tension in my body. If it wasn’t for Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyun, whom I value very much, I wouldn’t be watching this drama. I’m getting too tired of this. I feel like I’m trying to force the action, but it’s resisting. I’m halfway through the drama and it feels like the action is pretty much stuck. Plus, an annoying older sister, a lingering mystery, and a pathetic ex-girlfriend. It’s not easy to watch. It’s probably the kind of drama you watch primarily for the atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, this drama is beautifully shot. Gray and pink frames will emphasize the melancholy mood of this story. The colors are kind of faded, devoid of vivid colors, just like the everyday life of the main characters. In these shades of grey, you can see their despondency and hopelessness. The whole is complemented by a very calm and pleasant OST, especially the song “Flower” by Roy Kim.

It’s not a drama for me, but I know it has a huge fan base. It’s unique, that’s for sure, but you need to be in the right mood to watch it calmly and feel the atmosphere. I recommend it mainly because of the actors.

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