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Chinese movie for the weekend – a few suggestions

Today I would like to offer you 4 Chinese films that have moved me recently. I love school stories and that’s why “My Best Summer” and “Upcoming Summer” are movies that had to make it onto this list. I’ve seen them a few times and will probably see them again. I like them very much. The film “Better Days” is a beautiful diamond that must be seen, and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is the bitter truth about the reality of young people. All these films gave me incredible emotions and reflections on life. I will only add that in all 4 films the acting is top notch.
I recommend everyone to watch it.

My Best Summer

First school love is always a strong memory. Some people forget about it, and some cherish it as the greatest treasure. Over time, we realize that school times are the most beautiful and carefree time in life. The only problem was learning and choosing a further education path, and adults dealt with real life. Unfortunately, beautiful plans and dreams do not always go hand in hand with possibilities. My Best Summer is a bittersweet film about youthful love, but also about the fact that one chance encounter or bad luck can change your life path.

Better Days

The main problem raised in this movie is quite popular recently, but the way it was shot makes this film absolutely unique. Beautiful cinematography, frames, music and really good acting. Pure and innocent love born of an unexpected meeting develops in extremely bad conditions. Two young people, seemingly so different, but really so similar. They both miss the closeness of the other person, warmth and understanding. In a cruel world, they found a substitute for happiness together. A wonderful feeling, attachment and boundless trust arises between them. Such love is worth every sacrifice.

Upcoming Summer

I have the impression that the main theme of this film is courage in facing a reality that is difficult to escape. Lying to oneself and false hope only destroy people from the inside and give no relief. Lies always have a consequence and create chaos that is hard to control. The hardest thing is to accept the difficult truth about others and about yourself. Acceptance is the path to freedom. Upcoming Summer is a wonderful story about loneliness, unrequited love and beautiful friendship.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

The love in this movie is incredibly strong and real. It has to face the painful reality, the struggle for survival and the temptations of a better life. Young people are convinced that love and affection are enough for them to live, but a person must live somewhere, eat something and develop. A painful collision with the brutal prose of life can destroy the strongest relationship. This film leaves some with faith in the true power of love, and some with the weight of the real world. It’s a beautiful story worth seeing, even if it’s overwhelming.

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