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Somebody – Never trust strangers you meet online

I started the drama Somebody mainly for Kim Young Kwang. I like him as an actor and was also curious why there is so much controversy around this drama and why it has such low ratings.

What is this story about?

Kim Sum is a programmer and creator of a very popular dating app. The girl has Asperger syndrome (autism spectrum) and sees people and the world in a completely different way than the average person. For her, human emotions are incomprehensible, although from childhood her mother taught her how to recognize them. She uses her app once in a while to meet people. One day, she meets Seong Yun-O, a handsome and mysterious architect who has a very dark side. A few words were enough for the girl to feel an amazing thread of understanding with him. Their relationship turns into a strange fascination.

I was very drawn to this story. The atmosphere of the drama keeps you in such constant tension. The image and music complemented each other perfectly. It’s a bit dark. The actors really did a good job. I am very impressed with the role of Kim Young Kwang. This sweet smile of his fits perfectly with the psychopathic character. I had shivers down my spine every time. There are some strong intimate scenes in the drama and in my opinion they were very well inserted into the plot. Thanks to the fact that they were very natural and realistic, you could feel the passion and kind of wildness that accompanied them.

After watching this drama, I tried to answer the question of what this story gave me, what conclusions I drew from it. The characters are not very developed, but the drama only has 8 episodes, so I’m not a bit surprised. We know practically nothing about the murderer himself. I don’t know why he was killing, but I get the impression that his personal story and his character in general were not the most important in this drama. In my opinion, his character was used as a catalyst to make certain things clear to the audience. I don’t know what the writers of this story had in mind, but I drew my own conclusions.

1. This drama is a form of warning in times when people are constantly using all kinds of dating apps. Today’s average person is very lonely and thirsty for any closeness. Meeting new people is difficult and takes time, and today’s generation wants everything here and now, they don’t like to wait. So apps like this are perfect. Unfortunately, no one too often wonders who is really on the other side and this, unfortunately, can end fatally.

2. The creators of all applications or social media have only one thing in mind and it is not good for the users. They only think about profits. There is a saying that if you use something for free, then you are the product. The character of Samantha in this story showed it very clearly. She didn’t care what her app was used for. She was able to protect the perpetrator as long as it didn’t jeopardize the company and profits. The protection of users’ personal data is also a myth. You can buy anything for the right price.

3. The drama perfectly shows how people can deceive themselves and turn a blind eye to protect people close to them. You never really know with whom you will feel your true self. Kim Sum found Seong Yun-O and finally felt fully understood and doesn’t want anyone to take that away from her. She whitewashes him in front of others, but also in front of herself. She doesn’t want to face facts that are quite brutal. She is only human and tries to defend what is dear to her, sometimes against logic and common sense.

4. The intimate scenes, which I mentioned earlier, perfectly showed that the human is a sexual being. People with disabilities or those on the autism spectrum also have such needs and it is completely natural, although I have the impression that for some it may still be a kind of taboo. The women shown in this drama were aware of their needs in this area and communicated it clearly.

5. The whole story is more about these three girls. Each is affected by subtle social ostracism. One is physically disabled, the other is autistic and the third is haunted. Each of them has its own needs. The policewoman wants to live a normal life again, meet men. Kim Sum wants to finally be understood and feel that she fits in at least a little bit with society, and a shaman needs closeness and acceptance for her work and sexual orientation.

The drama ends quite drasticly, but perfectly. Kim Sum decided it was the only way to save him. Of course, there were also things that annoyed me, such as the naivety of a policewoman who should have been more cautious. But I didn’t focus on such things and tried to see the bigger picture of the story. I recommend this drama to people who like to analyze social behavior and the behavior of exceptional individuals. 8 episodes is the perfect amount. If there were more episodes, the drama would lose quality.

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