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First Impression – “Butterflied Lover”

What is this drama about?

Ling Chang Feng is the local commander who keeps order in the city. He lives a happy life with his young and beautiful wife Tang Qian Yue. During the New Year celebrations, scary human figures appear in the city and attack random residents. One of the victims is Chan Feng’s wife, who, as it turns out, hid a dark secret of her origin from her husband. Ling Chang Feng knows that if this comes to light, his wife is in mortal danger. He tries to protect her at all costs and help her regain herself.

I started „Butterflied Lover” out of curiosity. I like dramas from Mango Tv, although they often have terrible subtitles. Also playing here is Zhao Yi Qin, who caught my attention in another mini-drama “Provoke”. The first two episodes of this drama are very mysterious and thriller-like, but the next few episodes tell a sweet story of how our lovers met. The atmosphere changes frequently throughout the drama. The episodes are short, because one of them lasts about 18 minutes, but very addictive.

Tang Qian Yue is such a wonderfully sweet creature that it’s impossible not to love her. I love looking at her in every version (the less sweet ones too), and Zhao Yi Qin is great as a husband who is madly in love with her. His tense but fun relationship with his father is a nice escape from all the secrets and love moments of the spouses.

I have to say that I’m halfway through this series and I haven’t been bored for a minute. The whole drama has 22 episodes and I hope that the high level will be maintained until the end. The drama is beautifully shot. As in “Provoke”, here we also find beautiful shots and slow filming of some scenes that add a wonderful and mysterious atmosphere to the whole story.

I recommend this drama with a clear conscience to anyone who doesn’t have time for long 40-episode stories, and wants something costumed, addictive and very romantic.

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