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“D.P. 2” – when at least one person fights, there is always hope

D.P. 2 The first season leaves the viewer in suspense, which is why I waited so impatiently for the continuation of this rather heavy story.

What is this drama about?

The first season begins when young soldier Ahn Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) ends up in a special unit that catches deserters. It’s not an easy job, because deserters are great at hiding and don’t think about returning to the harsh conditions in the barracks. By the way, we learn about the problems that consume the army from the inside. The main and biggest problem is the physical and mental harassment of younger colleagues from the unit. Some people can’t handle the pressure and it ends tragically.

The second season begins exactly where it left off in the first season. Again someone committed crimes out of helplessness, again someone runs away and again someone chases him. Fortunately, the DP team has not changed. The boys are traumatized by previous events, but if there is a need and an order, nothing will stand in their way, even a temporary indisposition of one of them.

In the second part, we get to know the difficult stories of young people whose lives were ruined by the army. By the way, we see how the same military tries to cover up everything that is not convenient for them. Our guys get a lot of frustration because they’re too weak to do anything about it. They are trying at all costs to expose this sick system and change something. It’s not easy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The end of the second part doesn’t end all problems, but rather gives hope for changes and leaves room for season 3. If there is no next season, It’s still wil be ok.

But I liked the whole team of brave soldiers who disagreed with the cruel system. Also in this series, the acting is excellent, even in episodic roles. It’s a good piece of drama. Both parts wonderfully create one coherent story about a sick system that traumatizes innocent individuals and about people who no longer agree to it. It’s not an easy story, but it’s worth watching.

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