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“Butterflied Lover” – True tender love that people dream of.

Some time ago I finished the drama “Butterflied lover” and I must admit that I haven’t watched such a romantic story in a long time.

What is this drama about?

Ling Chang Feng is the local commander who keeps order in the city. He lives a happy life with his young and beautiful wife Tang Qian Yue. During the New Year celebrations, scary human figures appear in the city and attack the inhabitants. One of the victims is Chan Feng’s wife, who, as it turns out, hid a dark secret of her origin from her husband. Ling Chang Feng knows that if this comes to light, his wife is in mortal danger. He tries to protect her at all costs and help her regain herself.

We have two lovely couples. One of them is a couple of years of marriage who respect and love each other more than life. We observe their daily rituals, struggling with problems and still blooming love. Their intimate moment was wonderfully portrayed, especially the bathing scene. Both couples were exceptional, but the second couple stole my heart the most. A cool general and a sweet princess and a wonderfully shown process as she melts him with her kindness and love. The princess was not spoiled, and that was what I feared the most. She was smart, compassionate and very understanding of everything that happened to her. Hopelessly in love with the general, she trusted him completely and supported all his decisions. He probably didn’t even notice when he started to care about her. The end of the drama is quite unclear, especially in their case. We are not sure what happened after visiting Madame Yue.

What captivated me the most was that the writers showed us the perfect men that women really dream about. Devoted and loving to the limit. For one of them, it is not a problem to wash his wife’s menstrual-stained clothes. According to him, it doesn’t matter who does the laundry or fights with a sword. Both sexes can do it without any problems. The second husband loves his wife so much that he would like to take over the pain of childbirth. Because if the child is common, why should women be the only ones to make the greatest sacrifice in this matter. Such a male narrative is rare in Asian productions, especially costume ones. I enjoyed it very much. It is amazing that such opinions are still not the norm in most societies in the world. Maybe someday that will change.

The drama “Butterflied Lover” begins quite mysteriously and a little scary, but it’s mostly a love story. The end of the drama is extremely puzzling. It can be interpreted in so many ways that it’s hard to say which would be the best. I guess every viewer has to answer this question for himself. Despite that, I think it’s one of the best Chinese costume mini dramas.

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