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First Impression – “Gold Panning”

I must admit that I started watching this drama because of Chen Feiyu. After “Lighter and Princess” I watch everything that was made with him. I like him a lot, the way he plays, the timbre of his voice and his look. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have reached for this title because it’s not my genre.

What is this drama about?

Chen Bao Jin ends up in the gold diggers camp. Officially for the money, but really looking for his brother who also worked here and is now missing. He slowly learns about the hierarchy that reigns there, hard work and numerous secrets.

Drama shows what gold can do to a person. It’s an obsession that’s hard to control. A man can kill for a few grams of golden sand. The people who got there must have been extremely desperate to spend long months (or years) of their lives in such hard and hostile conditions for the vision of great wealth. The drama is well shot. The action takes place in the forest. It’s dirty, everyone’s covered in mud, you can feel the stuffiness of the atmosphere and the dampness that accompanies all the workers. The characters are very interestingly drawn. There are the good ones, there are the bad ones, but also the hard to identify ones. Wu’s character is the most interesting. He seems like a good man, but some of his actions are denying him. Gold confuses people. They start doing things they never suspected. The acting is also very good. Young actors keep up with the older ones.

The opening credits introduce the atmosphere of the drama well. It’s dark, mysterious and heavy, and the music is great. I’m halfway through and I’m still wondering what’s going to happen next, what will be the finale of this story.

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