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“You Are Desire” – A wonderful beginning of a story that turned into wasted potential

I remember being delighted with this drama during the first episodes. My first feelings and those after the end of the drama are currently very different.

What is this drama about?

Lin Yu Jing goes to visit his father for a few days. He has started a new family after the divorce and she is supposed to meet them. In the meantime, it turns out that her mother did not inform her that she gave custody of her to her father, and she left. The girl loses her previous life day by day and must quickly find herself in a new place, with a new family and an unfavorable father. Over time, she meets wonderful friends with whom she spends a lot of time. Among them is Shen Juan, her classmate, the school bad boy. They both get along great almost immediately, support and trust in everything. The girl’s school life is perfect. Unfortunately, everything is spoiled by the return of her mother.

I have never watched such an unevenly shot drama. The first 14 episodes are wonderful. I like the development of the plot, the development of the characters and their relationships, how they slowly fall in love with each other and face the world, I love their entire gang. From episode 15, everything comes to a standstill, especially the relationship of the main couple. Until the end, their relationship does not change a bit, as if everything ended with their first kiss. Of course, the wonderful thing is that they can always count on each other, they are this safe place for each other, they trust each other and love each other. This doesn’t change. Their self-confidence is unshakable, but I missed the flirtation, sparkle in the eyes and fireworks between them. They behaved like a good old married couple staying in a monastery, which is not what I expect when watching young love. It was boring and too long. If this drama had 24 episodes it would be better.

At one point I didn’t know if it was a school drama or a sports drama. There was too much training for the main character and the problems associated with it. The tomato couple was also unnecessary. I had absolutely no interest in their relationship. The most interesting thread of the second part was the brother’s emerging relationship. He was wonderfully clumsy in love, and when he prepared a presentation to show the girl that nothing would come of their relationship, I thought he couldn’t be any cuter and funnier. In the second part, problems were forced.

The thread about the mother and then the uncle lasted too long. I was also terribly disappointed with the ending. The drama seems to be interrupted, unfinished. A major crisis at the end of the story remains unresolved. The viewer doesn’t know how it ended. Everything was plastered with nice graduation photos. This drama feels like wasted potential. Do I recommend it? Yes, especially the first 14 episodes. The rest is watched for the actors who were nice until the end and for the brother. If only the script gave them a little more spark scenes and less drama, it would be perfect.

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