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“Moving” – ordinary people with extraordinary powers

I finished the Korean drama “Moving” two weeks ago and now it’s time for a recap. It must be admitted that the ending provided a lot of emotions, and the post-credits scenes left the door open to the second season. It’s hard to say whether there will be a second season. I wouldn’t insist, although I’m curious what’s going on with Hee Soo and Bong Seok.

What is this drama about?

The drama “Moving” tells the story of people with various supernatural abilities and their children who inherited their powers. Parents, fearing that their children, like themselves, could be used by the government for secret political tasks, do everything to protect them.

Personally, I had a slight problem with this series. I expected something different from this story and something else I got. In the first episodes we learn about the kids’ history, then there are episodes devoted only to the parents, and at the very end everyone fights together. I didn’t expect the drama to be a flashback most of the time. There is a lot of timeline jumping as we learn about each character’s backstory. On the one hand, it was useful because viewers could get to know the characters in detail, but on the other hand, some stories were terribly long. Maybe if there were only 16 episodes and not 20, it would have been possible to accumulate everything better, because in my opinion there were too many long episodes and unnecessary characters. I found the bus driver (and his story) to be a completely unnecessary character. In fact, it was only useful once. The drama is very brutal. Sometimes too much. All these scenes of Jang Joo Woon’s fights and injuries were tiring at times.

The biggest advantage of the drama are the actors and the characters they created. The young ones did as well as the older ones. I watched it mainly for them. It’s hard for me to choose the best character because each of them is amazing. However, if I had to choose one, it would be Hee Soo’s father. With his extraordinary power, he was a wonderfully sensitive and shy person with a good heart. However, when it came to fighting, he never backed down from anything, he gave 200%, and he was able to do absolutely everything for his loved ones. What I liked most was that the creators of the drama chose the perfect physical actors playing the children. Kim Bong Seoks looked very much like his father and Hee Soo looked like her mother. Such a detail, but very important to me.

This is not a drama about superheroes, but about ordinary people with innate superhuman abilities, through which they are used for political purposes, often against their will. Parents want to protect their children from the same fate at all costs. In the stories of the main characters, the drama beautifully showed human relationships such as romantic love, parental love, friendship, mutual help and support. There was nothing toxic here, pure love and care. At times it was very sentimental and you could shed a few tears.

I think that the short musical motif that always appears in specific scenes deserves special attention. To this day, when I listen to it, I get pleasant shivers down my spine. For many viewers, this music reminds them of the OST from “Strager Things” and it actually has a similar sound.

To sum up, I think it’s a very good drama, one of the best in terms of the quality of production and acting. My main complaint is the length of each story. If we shortened all these individual stories by 1/3, it would be perfect.

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