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“Miss Mystery” – Revenge is sweeter when you have a handsome partner

I like Chinese mini dramas, and recently more and more of those from the Republican era. They all have a similar plot (revenge for the death of the family), but not every drama is worth attention. Recently, “Provoke” showed that you can make a decent mini-drama with good acting and an interesting plot. “Miss Mystery” is also one of them.

What is this drama about?

Xue Tong, a 6-year-old girl, witnesses the murder of her parents. Miraculously, she manages to survive. After 18 years, she returns with a plan to take revenge on everyone who hurt her family. She makes an agreement with the son of a local wealthy entrepreneur that she will pretend to be his fiancée. The episodes of this drama are short (8 minutes), well-directed and without unnecessary scenes.

In addition to all this, there is a very good main couple. Lin Bao Er (Xu Tong) was smart and cunning and was not afraid to bring justice with her own hands. She is determined to achieve her goal, she is not a weak woman in need of a man’s protection, she knows how to fight and can be brutal. The actress had charm and played her character perfectly.

My favorite character is Zhu Guan Wen. He was the complete opposite of the cold, haughty and brutal heroes I often saw in these types of stories. Zhu Guan Wen is incredibly handsome, masculine and completely in love with the main character. He is able to do anything for her, protect her, support her and even allow himself to be used in Bao Er’s vengeful plan. What is most important, he respects the main character from the very beginning, he doesn’t pull on her, he doesn’t dominate her, he doesn’t force her to do anything. There are no misunderstandings or understatements between them, but there is great chemistry and lots of hot kisses.

If you want a short and specific story, I sincerely recommend “Miss Mystery”. This drama is the perfect interlude between long series.

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