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First Impression – “Twinkling Watermelon”

For a long time now, I have been watching more Chinese dramas than Korean ones. I’m tired of Korean clich├ęs, but sometimes I come across a wonderful drama, a hidden gem, that I can’t resist. The drama “Twinkling Watermelon” didn’t look that good for the first 2 episodes. The key to the incredible charm of this drama is the pair of main characters – a son and a father, who are the same age. It sounds mysterious? Of course, because it’s a story with time travel.

What is this drama about?

18-year-old Eun Gyeol is perfect in every way – intelligent, caring and disciplined. His parents and brother are deaf and mute, and since he was a child, Eun Gyeol has been their only link with the outside world. This seems to come naturally to him, but the boy slowly begins to feel the enormous weight of his family’s expectations of him. Eun Gyeol has a passion that no one knows about – music. One day, after an argument with his father, he goes to a strange music store. After going out into the street, it turns out that he has gone back in time to the times of his parents’ youth.

After the first two episodes, the drama was nice, but I continued it mainly because of Ryeoun and Choi Hyun Chan, whom I liked in other productions. I’m very glad I didn’t give up on this story because there was an additional twist in the plot. Whoever came up with the idea to combine these two actors is a genius. These two are amazing. I’m looking forward to their scenes together. This is one of the best bromances I’ve ever seen. Of course, there are also two girls in the story, but honestly they don’t put on half the show that the guys do. It’s worth seeing, especially for them.

For now, it is difficult to predict how the story will unfold, how much Eun Gyeol will mess up in the past and whether he will return to his own time without any problems. I suspect everything will end well, but I’m curious about the process.

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