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FASHION MONDAY #63 – Chen Feiyu and his suits

Men’s fashion rarely appears in FASHION MONDAY, which is a pity, because it often happens that men’s fantasy knows no limits. Today I will finally introduce you my favorite Chinese actor, Chen Feiyu. Since his role in “Lighter and Princess”, which I think is a brilliant drama, I have been following his career closely and watching everything he is in. Chen Feiyu comes from a family closely associated with the film industry. His mother is a famous actress and his father is a famous director. The boy has ambitions to become a director and I really support him in this. He is also interested in fashion. If I remember correctly, he is developing his own personal clothing brand. He is also an ambassador for many fashion brands, including Dior. When I started collecting his fashion photos, it turned out that there were plenty of elegant ones, so today only suits and jackets.

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