FASHION MONDAY#65 – beautifully embroidered dresses in drama”Dreaming Back From The Qing Dynasty”

Fashion during the Chinese Qing dynasty was characterized by rich colors and beautiful embroidery. While watching the drama “Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty” I couldn’t take my eyes off these beautiful, richly embroidered dresses and charming hair ornaments. What impressed me the most was the wedding styling in an intense red color, which is […]

FASHION MONDAY #63 – Chen Feiyu and his suits

Men’s fashion rarely appears in FASHION MONDAY, which is a pity, because it often happens that men’s fantasy knows no limits. Today I will finally introduce you my favorite Chinese actor, Chen Feiyu. Since his role in “Lighter and Princess”, which I think is a brilliant drama, I have been following his career closely and […]

FASHION MONDAY #55 – Zhang Jingyi, a true princess

Zhang Jingyi is a young Chinese actress whom I had the opportunity to meet while watching the drama “Lighter and Princess”. I loved the whole drama, its characters and main actors, including Jingyi. Not only is she a beautiful girl, but also a very talented actress. She has an amazing type of beauty. She seems […]