Little thoughts and changes

In 2023, I often had the impression that a drama tsunami was flooding me. To choose something interesting from so many different stories was, in my opinion, almost a miracle. I finished last year with the feeling that I didn’t manage to watch many good dramas (fit it into my schedule) and I will try to do so later. Many times I had the feeling that I was starting a race that I would never win, and the finish line was getting further and further away every day. After all, that’s not what watching dramas is about, and that’s why I’m slowly learning to make strict selections about what to watch. The basic condition is good fun, acting and satisfaction of the senses (visually and musically). Last year I watched older dramas many times and I’m very happy about it.

I also need to rethink the formula of the blog to somehow combine it with other interests and still have time for a normal life. What I love about dramas are the emotions and inspiration I get from them. For several months now, it has been driving me creatively, so the time for dramas has (paradoxically) shortened. There is also a new artistic project on the horizon, which I will write about another time.

Anyway, it’s time for some small changes on Drama Hunter. It won’t be much, maybe some of you won’t even notice it. Some topics will change, some will return, I will see which solutions work and which do not. I must admit that chaos entered Drama Hunter and it started to bother me. It’s time to freshen up a bit, systematize everything and try new things.

These small changes are mainly to improve and make the content creation process easier. Drama Hunter is starting its 8th year and I started to wonder if everything was as I dreamed it would be. I hope that you will all enjoy visiting here and that you will always find something interesting for yourself.

The photo comes from a Gen Z Chinese drama that made me feel incredibly calm while watching it.

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