First impression

First Impression – “Amidst A Snowstorm Of Love”

What is this drama about?

Lin Yiyang studies and works in Finland. He was a brilliant snooker player since childhood, but fate took a different course in his life and he left the sport long ago. One snowy night, he meets a young Chinese couple whom he helps. The girl, Yin Guo, catches his attention from the very beginning and he can’t stop thinking about her. It turns out that she came for a billiards competition, and her older cousin was Lin Yiyang’s fierce rival in the past. Slowly and with great shyness, they both get closer to each other and fall madly in love.

I have been waiting for this drama for many months. I’m a huge fan of Wu Lei and I always look forward to his new dramas. His latest drama “Nothing But You” didn’t really impress me, but overall it’s a good sports drama with a noona romance. “Amidst…” has a wonderful slow atmosphere, it is visually beautiful, and the pleasant music combines everything perfectly. From the very first scenes, the main couple has amazing chemistry. Their relationship is shown very realistically, slowly and step by step, it is very electrifying and you can feel the incredible tension between them. The most important things here are glances, unexpressed thoughts, and a gentle touch of a hand. There are no great and serious discussions about life and death here, because the main character is a withdrawn, silent type.

Wu Lei is incredibly handsome and seductive and Zhao Jin Mai is innocent and sweet. Together they make a wonderful couple that is a pleasure to watch. In addition to the main couple, there are plenty of nice (and handsome) characters in the drama. So far, there are no negative emotions here, even between rivals.

This drama may seem boring and slow to some people, but if someone likes this kind of atmosphere, I highly recommend this slow story. We’ll see how the action develops when billiards comes to the fore. The drama has 30 episodes and comes out every day.

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