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“The Last Immortal” – You can’t cheat your fate and love

What is this drama about?

Yuan Qi is the son of two true gods. He grew up practically without parents. As a young boy, he was sent to Daze Mountain for training. He took on a new name – Gu Jin. During the celebration of the birth of Feng Yin, the new queen of the Phoenixes, an unfortunate accident occurs, indirectly caused by Gu Jin. As a result, Feng Yi’s immortal spirit shattered into 6 parts. Gu Jin decided that he would find them all and bring the young Phoenix back to life. He is helped in this by A Yin, a magical creature who took the human form of a girl thanks to Gu Jin’s care. At first, they have a turbulent relationship between servant and master, but over time they begin to grow closer, rely on each other and trust each other.

In my entire drama life, I have seen 3 entire Chinese xianxias and I liked this one the most. I must admit that this is not my genre, there are too many strange rules of rebirth, cultivation and reaching a higher level. I’m not hiding it, I don’t get it. I started the drama “The Last Immortal” mainly for the actors and they did not disappoint me. I love Lusi in almost every role, so I knew she wouldn’t disappoint me, and Wang Anyu totally made me fall in love with him. He had already caught my attention, but here he stole my heart.

It wasn’t a particularly original story, but it had everything it needed. The effects were good enough, the costumes were beautiful and the music was satisfactory. I liked all 4 main characters. The Eagle Princess was great. Beautiful, smart, brave, loyal and empathetic. Young Fox (Hong Yi) is a slightly hyperactive teenager with raging hormones and he should thank heaven that he met Yan Shuang on his way. The main couple didn’t disappoint either. The character of Lusia is obviously great (in both forms), but it was Gu Jin’s character that captivated me the most. At the beginning, he was an unambitious immortal who hid the secret of his true origin. Over time, he grew up beautifully and lost none of his kindness. Sure, he made some poor choices, but he meant well. Wang Anyu was amazing in this role. It’s rare for an actor to cry so beautifully. He and Zhao Lusi (the queen of tears) had amazing chemistry. They were a pleasure to watch. Their relationship was quite complicated. They both had hidden identities that caused them huge problems on their path to happiness.

Hua Shu (Peacock Princess) turned out to be a very interesting character because she was very multidimensional. I think this is the most tragic character of this drama. At times I wanted to shake her, throw her into the dungeons and punish her with whips, but there were also moments when I wanted to hug her like a human being.

I had a good time watching this drama. There was laughter, there were tears and I was satisfied with the ending. I recommend it primarily to people who are just starting their adventure with this genre of Chinese dramas.

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