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Vegan Jajangmyeon

I fell ill with this dish while watching the drama “Wok of Love” where Junho as a young and talented chef creates an amazing Jajangmyon. Finally, I ordered the necessary black paste on the Internet and decided to get to work. Recently, I like vegan cuisine, so I decided that my first jajangmyeon will be in the vegan version. I found a great recipe on seokyounglongest.com. I didn’t have the sauce, which the author praised, but without it this dish was delicious. One day I will definitely try to make a classic jajangmyeon with meat, but for now this recipe is enough for me.

Source of original recipe:


Shitake broth:
-1 cup boiling water
-5 dried mushrooms

-4-5 cloves of garlic (1 ½ tbsp grated garlic)
-1 tablespoon of grated ginger
-1/4 cup chopped green onion
-1 large onion, thickly chopped
-2 cups thickly chopped white cabbage
-1 large zucchini, cubed
-5 medium white mushrooms
-cucumber for final serving

For frying:
-2 tbsp oil
-1/3 cup Chunjang paste
-1 tablespoon of sugar
-2 tbsp soy sauce
-1 tablespoon potato starch
– salt, pepper to taste

– rice or ramen noodles

1.Pour shitake mushrooms with boiling water, leave for 15 minutes.

2.Cut the vegetables.

3.Strain the shitake mushrooms, squeeze and chop. Add enough water to the broth to make a full cup of liquid.

4.Heat oil in a frying pan, add garlic, ginger, green onion and fry for 1 minute.


5.Add Chunjang paste and fry another minute mixing everything together.


6.Add vegetables – onion, zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms and shitake mushrooms. Mix everything, add water with mushroom decoction, soy sauce, sugar and bring to a boil. After boiling, reduce the heat and cook for about 15 minutes until the vegetables soften. If the whole seems to be “dry” then you can add some water. Stir occasionally.


7. Mix potato flour with about 1 tablespoon cold water and add to the sauce. Mix until thick.


8. Serve the sauce with rice or noodles, served with cucumber stripes. The taste of cucumber incredibly enriches this dish. Mix everything thoroughly before eating.



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