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First Impression – “Dream Of Splendor”

Zhao Pan Er is an intelligent and enterprising teahouse owner in Qiantang. She has two closest friends and a fiancé who went to the capital to pass the exam for a clerk. When she learns that her fiancé left her for another woman, the daughter of a high-ranking officer, she decides to go to the capital in search of the truth.

Gu Qian Fan, is the commander of the capital’s elite squadron, nicknamed “Living Devil”. During a secret mission, he is betrayed by his allies and has to go into hiding. When he meets Zhao Pan Er for the first time, they disagree with each other, however, this intelligent woman caught his attention. Fate wanted them to travel to the capital together, helping each other many times and getting closer to each other.

I started watching the drama “Dream of Splendor” in order not to go crazy waiting for the next episodes of “Love like the Galaxy”. The downside to this step is that I can’t help but compare both of these dramas. They are totally different, but just as good. “Dream of splendor” has 40 episodes, a lot, but the action and relationship of the main couple starts in the first episode. They are both in trouble, and they must both join forces to survive under extreme circumstances. They don’t like each other at first, but very quickly their relationship turns into friendship, and then into something more. I like that the main characters are mature, intelligent and responsible for their actions. Despite the fact that they are separated by a huge difference in social status, they treat each other freely, naturally as equals. Their scenes are very good to watch and the chemistry is very good.

The nickname of the commander – “Living Devil” makes me laugh because he seems to be a very good person and compared to Ling Buyi (Love Like The Galaxy) he is more like a teddy bear than a devil. The main actress is a beautiful woman, like a porcelain doll. It is wonderful to look at her. I admit that I skip the scenes with her friends a bit. I am tired of the youngest of them and her irresponsible behavior. The drama presents their business, their ups and downs, and all kinds of difficulties. I like that women who have had life-long hardships are shown fighting for independence from men and wanting to be self-sufficient. I will definitely watch this drama to the end.

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