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I will start the summary of 2022 in January of the new year. It turned out that in the last week of the old year I found a very interesting drama that I enjoy watching. If I rushed the ratings, this drama wouldn’t stand a chance, and that would be a shame.

What I am 100% sure of is the selection of the two best dramas in 2022. It was impossible to choose just one.

Love Like The Galaxy (the best historical drama) and Lighter and Princess (the best modern drama). Of course, this is my subjective choice. I chose dramas that aroused the most different, often extreme, emotions in me. I think that both productions are very similar, although they are actually very different (story, genre).

In both dramas, the characters are three-dimensional, very human, not perfect. During their journey through life, they mature, change a bit, but retain the original character for which we loved them.

In both cases, the acting is at the highest level, despite the very young age of all the main actors. The chemistry between the actors pours out in buckets from the screen, sparkles like fireworks, and the viewers do not know whether they are watching a real relationship of young people or only the one created by the screenwriters. I can confidently say that these are the best duets of the year and I dream to see Wu Lei aand Zhao Lusiin a modern drama and ChenFeiyu and Zhang Jingyi in a historical drama. Maybe someday someone will listen to my prayers.

Of course, you can’t forget about the visuals and music, which is amazing. In Love Like The Galaxy the wonderfully rich BGM deserves special attention, perfectly suited to each scene, well, this is a masterpiece.

I hope that 2023 will bring us equally good dramas and even more great emotions.


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